Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aspiring Splendor's 12 Days of Christmas!

Welcome to Aspiring Splendor's first ever blogging collaborative! 

logo design by Kevin Dotolo

Just in time for the holidays, 
we've devised a real life Secret Santa gift exchange 
where 12 bloggers surprise each other
with a gift that suits their personality
based on their blog. 

On each of the 12 days,
a new blogger makes their post
revealing the gift they received (and from whom)
along with the blogger that they gifted to.
And, of course you have to visit 
the recipient the following day
to find out what gift they received! 

Follow along in the 
12 Days of Christmas
with these 12 bloggers:

And be sure to visit Hello, Splendor kicking off the First Day of Christmas
so you can follow the Secret Santa gift train!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Two Become One.

It's started as a casual proposal...
and it's turned into a marriage.

{But we're both keeping our names.}

Beth Dotolo of Hello Splendor
Lauren Bryan Knight of Aspiring Kennedy

are proud to announce the new collaboration

Aspiring Splendor!

But it's not just for us....

It's for all of us.

It's a place to come together.

Where great blogs can become connected,
undiscovered talent can be showcased,
and together-
 we, the blogging community, 
can grow strong together.